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Join the Emface Nation: The Best Botox Alternative in Clawson, Michigan

September 20, 2022

Let’s face it, people are tired of needles! For years, the only non-surgical solution to facial wrinkles has been Botox. And, while that’s an effective way to fight signs of aging on your face, it’s also invasive and that can leave red marks or nasty bruises. The people are crying out for a quality botox alternative in Clawson, Michigan and around the nation!

Enter Emface: Your new favorite facial aging fighter. 

The new Emface device from BTL, available at Studio Sculpt in Clawson, is the premier Botox alternative on the market. It combines the power of Radiofrequency (RF) energy and HIFES muscle stimulation to simultaneously reduce facial wrinkles and increase facial lift. Emface uses no needles, no toxins, and no fillers, meaning your results are both natural and sustainable.

Keep reading to learn more about this incredible Botox alternative in Clawson, Michigan, or reach out to Studio Sculpt to schedule your first Emface treatment today!



First, how does your face age?

Before we dive into how Emface helps reduce wrinkles and provide enhanced lift, let’s talk a little about how your face ages in the first place. 

Your face is made up of multiple tissue layers consisting of bone, ligaments, fat, muscles, and skin. Each of these layers wear down with age and their combined wear is what produces things like wrinkles and skin laxity on our face. 

Here’s a deeper look into how these layers age over time:



Your facial bones are the foundation from which everything else is built. Think about the skulls you see during Halloween and how they change and twist to form a facial structure. Your facial bones are intricate, and that intricacy can lead to wear and tear. 

As you age, the bones in your face reduce in volume. Then the entire face—from your jaw to your midface to your forehead—begins to sink and hollow over time, which causes the hollow appearance associated with older age.

Think of your skin as a tablecloth and your facial bones as the table. When you’re young, the tablecloth is the perfect size for the table and everything fits snuggly. But, over time as your bones lose volume, the tablecloth becomes too big for the table beneath. This leads to issues such as skin laxity and wrinkles. 



Studies actually show that ligaments don’t necessarily change much with age. Where ligaments affect aging is through their attachments. 

Ligaments connect the bone to other soft tissues. Therefore, when one side of that attachment loses density, the ligaments also shift to accommodate. This contributes to hollowness and wrinkles in your face, especially when paired with skin laxity. 



Your face is composed of many different layers of facial fat, and changes to these facial fat compartments greatly affect facial aging. When you’re young, these facial fat compartments are like grapes, plump and full of volume. As you age, the fat in these compartments redistributes or is absorbed into your bone marrow, leaving the compartments and the soft tissue around them shriveled like raisins. 

When this fat disappears, it means your face has less stability. That, plus the loss in bone volume and increased skin laxity, causes the soft tissue of your face to descend and appear more droopy. 


Facial muscles

If you’re in your 30s and tried to get back into working out recently, you probably noticed that your muscles don’t quite bounce back as quickly as they did in your teens and 20s. As we age, our muscles take more time to recover because they have decreased endurance and strength due to factors like reduced protein production. 

Your facial muscles are very different from ones in your arms and legs, though. In fact, facial muscles don’t show significant reduction over time. While that’s great, the issue with facial muscles and aging involves the rest of the tissue surrounding the muscle. 

As the skin of your face becomes more lax, it droops and exposes your facial muscles more. This causes your facial structure to become more visible, and results in a more rigid appearance. 



Skin is what most people associate with aging, because its effects are more obvious to the naked eye. Your skin changes throughout your life, both due to outside factors like sun exposure and because of internal factors such as genetics. 

In your 20s, your skin is bright and plump because it’s full of collagen and elastin: the fibers that create the structural framework of your skin. As you age, however, your body produces less and less of both collagen and elastin, and your supply of both begins to thicken and clump together. 

By your 40s, your skin is much thinner than it was in your 20s and doesn’t produce collagen or elastin as well as when you were younger. This causes wrinkles, lines, and sagging to appear. This problem only worsens with time if not cared for properly. 

As you can see, facial aging isn’t due to just one factor. There are actually several layers in your skin that all age in different ways, and their cumulative effects create the fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin we all want to avoid. 

This is why you need a treatment that addresses all of the layers of the face for a total rejuvenation. This is why you need Emface at Studio Sculpt.



How Emface fights facial aging

Since facial aging is a multi-pronged problem, you need a solution that addresses multiple issues at once. This is precisely what Emface was made to do. 

Emface is a revolutionary, FDA-Cleared device from BTL that is the first and only facial treatment that addresses your skin and facial muscles simultaneously. It combines RF energy and HIFES technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and increase muscle tone on delicate areas like your jawline, cheeks, and eyebrows. 

Emface isn’t a treatment that just focuses on the surface of your face; it addresses the structural issues that cause aging from within. It’s a non-invasive treatment as well, with no needles required! 

Your provider applies the paddles to your cheeks and forehead, then dials the settings into your specific comfort level for a 20-minute treatment. During your session, the Emface device will gently heat and stimulate your muscles, while you’ll feel a pleasant warming and massaging sensation.

Here’s a closer look at how each stage of Emface addresses facial aging:

  • Radiofrequency :   The synchronized RF waves distributed through the Emface pads penetrate deep into your facial layers, stimulating the dermis and encouraging production of collagen and elastin fibers. This will both produce smoother, healthier-looking skin, and address issues such as rosacea pigmentation. 
  • HIFES muscle stimulation :   Using HIFES energy, the Emface pads emit pulses that cause your facial muscles to contract thousands of times over the course of the treatment. These contractions restore and elevate volume in your facial tissues, increasing the density and quality of your overall muscle structure.

Who is qualified for Emface?

One of the best qualities of the Emface treatment is its inclusivity! If you have a face and aren’t happy with signs of aging, Emface can help!

Men in particular love the Emface device compared to other facial aging treatments. It’s a subtle, natural change to your appearance; one that leaves you looking more rested and not like you’ve “had work done.” 

If you’re tired of your wrinkles and want to do something about them, contact Studio Sculpt to schedule an Emface appointment today!



Emface vs. Botox

So what makes Emface an effective botox alternative in Clawson, Michigan? It all goes back to what each treatment targets. 

Botox and other neuromodulators are purified strains of botulinum toxin. When injected in the right places, Botox temporarily blocks certain chemical signals from the nerves that cause muscles to contract. Once injected, the neuromodulators relax your facial muscles, which softens your appearance and lessens wrinkles. 

It’s an effective treatment that has worked on many people for decades, but there are some obvious drawbacks to Botox. Not everyone benefits from Botox because their specific anatomy doesn’t respond to the treatment. All of our bodies are different, afterall, and not everyone has the right receptors to experience the benefits of Botox. 

Some people also have an issue with injecting toxins, whether purified or not. While it’s a completely safe procedure, it’s also understandable why some people have reservations about Botox injections. 

Another problem with Botox? The needles! Many people just generally don’t like needles, and even more aren’t necessarily comfortable with injections in sensitive areas like the face. 

If any, or all, of these problems apply to you, then Emface is the botox alternative in Clawson, Michigan you need! It’s completely needle-free and toxin-free!



Emface and Botox

Just because Emface is an effective botox alternative, that doesn’t mean the two don’t work well together! In fact, when combined they can create even more stunning results. 

Think of Emface as the foundational treatment for all of your facial rejuvenation. It’s not a matter of “Emface OR other treatments.” By improving your facial structure through targeted RF energy and muscle stimulation, Emface gives your other treatments a strong foundation to build on. 

With Botox specifically, it’s best to first complete your Emface treatment and then supplement those results with targeted Botox injections in particularly problematic areas. 



Put your Emface on at Studio Sculpt!

This revolutionary treatment has changed the game when it comes to reversing the signs of facial aging. With an Emface treatment at Studio Sculpt in Clawson, you get all the benefits of this dual-action procedure combined with the expertise of our exceptional providers. 

Reach out to Studio Sculpt today and see why Emface is the best botox alternative in Clawson, Michigan!


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